Suffering from stupidity
I'll eep this brief. On sunday I was out in the sun without sunscreen. Sunday evening I was bright pink. Yesterday I hurt.Last night I started suffering from unbearablle itching. Today this continued. I went to the pharmacist and boughtmany bottles of stuff including spray on tea/aloe vera stuff, spray on antiseptic/anaesthetic stuff and a few other things. Its kind of messed up part of my holiday and it is due to my own stupidity. So in future I must remember:even if only going out for a short time in the sun put on sunscreen - just trying to pay attention to how cooked you are feeling does not work.

My main hope now is that I am not going to be this uncomfortable on the flight home. As it is the various sprays seem to be helping a lot.

Just thought I'd share my woes. :(

Australia - thailand has gone...
So I am now in Australia, Sydney to be precise. I could be more precise I guess but I don't think its important. :)

As you can see I've not had time to do much updating recently. I have a half written post taking me to the end of china but the problem with traveling in company is that sitting down on my own to write stuff up isn't happening so much...

So another summary postCollapse )

Injured in cambodia
The two key points of this post are in the subject really. I'm now in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) in a nice hotel after a brief delay at the border when our bus apparently broke and we had to wait for a replacement. Got here fine in the end though and a nice tuk tuk ride got us straight to the hotel.

The injured bit isn't as bad as it could be though. Walking from hotel to bus at 6 this morning I managed to mis-step or something and basically my weight came down on my ankle wrong. I'm never sure of technical terms and if this is twisted, sprained or something else but basically there is a bit of swelling and lack of mobility in my foot and a certain amount of hobbling. I'm very lucky to have Nurse Hannah here looking after me. She's strapped up my ankle when we went out, made ice in the fridge and it is currently freezing my ankle. This is all good.

I'm hoping its not going to cause any major problems... Tomorrow should be a trip to the Killing Fields which should be interesting but I think horrifyingly traumatic. Then in the afternoon the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. Then day after that its Siem Reap (6 hour bus trip there) and then that afternoon and a further 2 days to look around Angkor Wat. Then Bankgkok and on to Australia.

Hopefully I'll be alright tomorrow to look around stuff here tomorrow and if I do get further issues then there is penty of time for Angkor Wat temples and rest if needed...

I feel like a right clown though for managing to screw my ankle up walking down the street. Still, I think I'm glad its now rather than a month ago when I was on my own...

Still alive... And still in vietnam...
Things are still going on here... I'm in Saigon/Ho Chi Min city right now having flown in from hoi an yesterday. I'm finding it hard to find time right now to update. Travelling with company means I no longer have lots of spare hours or minutes to keep you all uptodate since I just get to be more sociable now. At this rate I think you are still going to be reading my travel updates months after I get back...

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End of Chengdu (another catchup)
So think back to the 25th July... What were you doing? That's a rhetorical question, unless it was more interesting than a trip to Wuhou Ci and a very spicy hotpot then I'm not that interested. :)

Wuhou Ci, the hotpot as well as a day of nothing and a really big buddhaCollapse )

Now in vietnam
I'm now in vietnam having flown here yesterday. Very nice hotel rrom which is cool. Unfortunately the weather is swapping between very sunny and far too hot and heavy heavy rain. Rain being the current problem for whie we are going for a walk.

Tonight we are off to the water puppet theatre, tomorrow a day trip to the Perfume Pagoda and day after that we go to halong bay for two days and a night. Vietnam is very different which worried me for a while but I'm getting used to it.

Anyway, that's it for now, hopefully more detailed catch up posts at some other point...

Pandas and monasteries and operas! Oh my!
So this has been a long time coming... With company it s a lot harder to find the time to write up lots of stuff... But here's a writeup that was started over a week ago and concerns some of Chengdu, in particular pandas, a monastery, Sichuan opera and a drinking session...

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safe in hong kong
We had a typhoon warning here last night. Up to the lock yourself in your house and don't come out til the all clear is given... it was all clear this morning though so a bit of an anticlimax. It is unfortunately now heading towards vietnam... :-(

More update later hopefully (I keep saying that....) but just thought i'd let people know I'm not dead or anything.

Shanghai 2 - Return to shanghai
Just another quick post here since I don't have huge amounts of time to write details. I do still want to write up chengdu properly but need to find spare time to do so...

A summary of the end of Chengdu and a bit of ShanghaiCollapse )

It occurs to me that I am nearly half way through the travel part of my trip. nine and a half weeks away, two of which are the chill out time in Australia (which will be awesome but not in the same way). I'm currently three and a half weeks into travel which means only four weeks until I get on the flight to australia. Once I've got into the swing of things its all happening very fast....

Maybe on the train to HK I'll write that detailed Chengdu writeup...

Today has been a bit of a wash...
So today I woke up feeling rough. I woke up several times in the night feeling like that too. I'm not sure if it was something I ate last night (a bunch of us went for a hot pot) or what it is but I've not left the hostel today and have felt very sorry for myself. The quick summary of the last few days is that I've loved my time in Chengdu.

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